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Summer 2015
Currently recording with Dave Mathews Band and touring with James Taylor. 




57th Grammy Nomination for
World Music Category

Our World In Song
Wu Man, Luis Conte & Daniel Ho
Label: Daniel Ho Creations & Wind Music

"I really don't know how I got started playing. As far back as my memory will go, I owned a drum. It's like asking someone how long they've been breathing."
Luis Conte

Luis Conte’s genius stems from his ability to integrate the powerful rhythms of his native Cuba with the American necessities of American pop music.
Luis Conte
"Once again, master percussionist Luis Conte gives us an exquisite experience with 'En Casa de Luis'. His artistry is, as always, in virtuoso display." 
- Andy Garcia (actor, director, and multi-Grammy Award winning producer)
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Reviews for "En Casa de Luis"

Luis Conte
"Rooted in the rhythms of his native Cuba, master percussionist and composer Luis Conte again takes us on an hypnotic and evocative musical journey with